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Terrance Smith


  • What is Scorm
  • Benefits
  • Scorm Content
  • Scorm Integration
  • Summary
  • QA

The What


A Common Language

An analog example

What it looks like

"How we make the sausage"

Content Workflow 

  1. Get Course Content and Assets
  2. Package into an SCO (Sharable Course Object)
  3. Zip up the SCO
  4. Upload to an LMS
  5. Consume

A Closer look


Why Scorm?


  • Accessibility
  • Modularity
  • Reusability
  • Interoperability

As a Course Creator

  • Easy Creation with Authoring tools and Templates
  • Simplified Distribution
  • Make content once and use everywhere

As a Company with Training Needs

  • Fast access to new courses
  • Reuse of existing user data
  • Works with lots of different LMS's
  • Maintenance and Hosting costs are low 

As a User

  • Take your data with you
  • Guaranteed to work on your machine
  • Simple to use

On Scorm Content

Creating Content

Types of content

  • Html Pages
  • Flash 
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Word Docs
  • Pdfs
  • Videos
  • Video Games

Scorm Authoring Tools

Buying Content

SCORM LMS Integration


"The Technical Details"

One more time

Tech Tasks Planning

  • Understanding of customer's needs
  • Allocate a place in LMS and on HHD to upload scorm content
  • Database Storage Location decision
  • (Where, what and when to track?)
  • Hosting detail decisions (Bound to domain)

Decisive Strategy

  1. Consume Any content and display 
  2. Consume Company Specific content and control workflow 
  3. Consume Any content and setup control workflows

Support Resources


  • Scorm Explained
  • Benefits
  • Creating Scorm Content
  • Scorm Implementation




By Terrance Smith